The role of the "User Communities Support" Work Package (WP3) is to provide baseline and  specialised support and training to all Grid users of the GISELA community. WP3 is also working  as a gateway between the GISELA supported Virtual Research Communities (VRC) and international initiatives, such as the European Grid Initiative (EGI).

The support activities provided by WP3 can be summarised as follows:

Moreover WP3 provides GISELA users with an innovative tool allowing scientists to submit applications on the e-Infrastructure through a normal Web browser, the GISELA Science Gateway.

The GISELA SG allows users to fully exploit the e-Infrastructure capabilities through a normal Web browser. Users can obtain access to the Science Gateway using a pair username/password (provided by an Identity Federation) and submit applications simply filling a Web form.

All people with a valid account on a supported Identity Federation could exploit Science Gateway services and functionalities!

The main functionalities just available in the GISELA Science Gateway are the following:

And... this is only the first step. We are working to create more VRC specialized sections and to increase our application portfolio with other high impact applications!


To know all on, how to benefit from the WP3 Services, the GISELA Science Gateway, on the current GISELA Applications and more, browse our Science Gateway  and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.


WP3 Structure

The "User Communities Support" Work Package (WP3) is subdivided into three (3) tasks:


WP3 Team




Diego Scardaci


INFN - Catania

Rafael Mayo

Deputy Manager


Guillermo Diaz

Deputy Manager & Task Leader


Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez

Task Leader & Clara TT


Luiz Rossi

Associate expert


Dago Bedoya

Clara TT


Diego Alberto Rincón Yáñes

Clara TT



Edited by Diego Scardaci on 30/11/2011