GISELA aims at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Latin American component of its e-Infrastructure. This translates into the following sub-objectives:

  • Establish a powerful e-Infrastructure facility built on the EELA-2 ( Infrastructure legacy;
  • Work out and implement a sustainability model for the e-Infrastructure.

In parallel, the Project supports Virtual Research Communities, addressing both:

  • Current EELA-2 small User Communities;
  • Larger VRCs from Earth, Life Sciences, HEP, etc.

Action plan: The objectives aforementioned are pursued following strategic lines of action.

  • GISELA establishes a self-sustainable Grid infrastructure from the one inherited from EELA-2, providing and supporting the basic (CORE) operation services. The Project affords network support by coordinating the internal networking related tasks and developing inter-operation agreements to consolidate the relationship with GÉANT2, CLARA, the NRENs and the NGIs, in Europe and Latin America;
  • GISELA works out, with CLARA, the model of sustainability for the e-Infrastructure best adapted to the CLARA and LA NRENs environment;
  • Under the GISELA supervision, CLARA identifies the NREN(s) that will be in charge of the Operation and Support of the e-Infrastructure, applying a business plan. GISELA intends to handover them the e-Infrastructure Operation and Support during the last Project semester.

Altogether GISELA:

  •  Ensures the proper access of GISELA users to the e-Infrastructure resources;
  • Supports Application developers and users over the whole process from deploying an Application up to running it in production;
  • Organises the training best adapted to each VRC;
  • Supports the use of the e-Infrastructure and Application-related Services already developed in EELA-2 and helps the users in the validation of these services in the context of their Application;
  • Participates in the development of new services requested by the VRCs and helps in the test and validation of these services for user’s Applications.



Edited by Philippe Gavillet  on 24/08/2010