• How to Join GISELA

Joining GISELA means becoming a Beneficiary of the Project.

If your institution is willing to join the GISELA Consortium, you are kindly requested to follow the steps below.

1- If a Joint Research Unit (JRU) already exists in your country, you must join it before any contact with GISELA. To do so, comtact the JRU coordinator and sign a Memorandum of Undersanding (MoU).  Information about the existing JRUs (and / or NGIs) can be found at NGIs and JRUs Status . If there is no JRU in your country, then proceed to step 3.

2- Send the signed MoU (electronic and original) to the GISELA Project Office (hlp-gisela at hlpdeveloppement.fr) and proceed to next step.

3- Answer the SURVEY.This survey will be reviewed by the GISELA Technical Board that will advise the Project Management. The Project Coordinator will contact you, either denying your request, or (hopefully) accepting it, perhaps under some conditions.

4- Then, send the profile of your institution and the CVs of 3 key persons to the Project Office . A model of this document can be obtained upon request to the Project Office (hlp-gisela at hlpdeveloppement.fr).

5- You will have then to register your organisation using the European Commission URF webtool in order to be allocated a Participant Identification Code (PIC number). Please consult  CORDIS

6- Once your organisation has been allocated a PIC number, please send it to the Project Office that will imediately send you a Legal Entities Form template to be filled in, signed, stamped and sent back. Moreover, you will have to provide the requested Legal and Value Added Tax (if relevant) documents establishing the juridical existence of your organisation.

7- Fill in, sign and stamp the official European Commission GPF document that will be sent to you by the Project Office.

8- Fill in, sign and stamp the official European Commission Form B document that will be sent to you by the Project Office.



  • How to Collaborate with GISELA

GISELA is open to collaboration with institutions / projects, public or private, whose activities are compatible with its Objectives

Collaborate means using the GISELA infrastructure, submitting applications and benefiting from technical support.

The first step is to answer the SURVEY.

Once done, you will be contacted by one of the members of the GISELA Technical Board (tecbor at eu-eela.eu) who will provide you with further information.

Then, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), defining the terms of the collaboration, will be established between GISELA and your institute / project. The template of this MoU can be downloaded from GISELA Documents Server.



Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Management of the Project (manbor at eu-eela.eu) or the Project Office (hlp-gisela at hlpdeveloppement.fr).





Edited by Bernard Marechal on 29/10/2010