Project Office: Administration, Finance, Secretary (hlp-gisela at



If you are a GISELA worker please fill out monthly your work time Here.


Reference and Administrative Documents

Among others, the following basic documents are available in the GISELA Documents Server.

  • Description of Work
  • Modus Operandi
  • Events Organisation Guide Lines
  • Gender Policy
  • Policy & Procedure of Website management


Among others, the following templates are available in the GISELA Documents Server.

  • Presentation
  • Deliverable
  • Partner Report
  • Copyright text
  • Invitation Letter
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Trip Report

Mailing lists:

  • Collaboration Board Members                           colbor at
  • Management Board Members                           manbor at
  • Technical Board Members                                 tecbor at
  • Beneficiary Contact Persons                              conper at
  • Administrative and Financial contacts                 afiper at
  • All Partners                                                     allper at
  • General Operations Support (WP4 & WP6)          support at
  • WP3 Management                                            wp3 at
  • CLARA Transition Team                                     clartt at





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