The objective of the "Infrastructure and Application-oriented Services for User Communities" Work Package (WP6) is to increase the usability of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) in general, and GISELA’s e-infrastructure in particular, by:

  • Offering a portfolio of Application-oriented and Infrastructure-oriented services, including both services already available and new services to be developed during the course of the project;
  • Helping WP2 to disseminate the GISELA’s portfolio of services, so that the benefits yield from their use is as broad as possible;
  • Customising these services to attend particular requirements of the Virtual Research Communities (VRCs) supported by GISELA; and
  • Providing, together with WP3 and WP4, comprehensive support to the users of the portfolio of services offered.

The goal is to develop and support grid services that facilitate the porting and execution of applications in DCI. For that, on the one side, full support will be provided for both application-related and infrastructure-related services that are already available, and, on the other side, new services that are identified as useful will be developed, tested, deployed in the GISELA e-infrastructure, and supported.

The work developed in this activity is to be carried out in close synergy with the other project activities and related projects. Close collaboration with WP4 will be required for supporting the test and deployment of the new services in the e-infrastructure. Also, discussions with WP5 will allow us to timely identify network requirements and anticipate possible issues. The portfolio of services that will be made available to the GISELA users is also useful to other communities. Collaboration with WP1 and WP2 will allow the identification of these communities that may profit from the GISELA’s service portfolio and the dissemination of their adoption by a wider audience.

Finally, coordination with the WP3 User Communities Support effort will be a key factor in the successful adoption of the application-related services by the GISELA’s user community.



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