GISELA publicity-related material


28/02/2012: GISELA-CHAIN Conference flyers (PDF)


24/01/2012: Computación avanzada para América Latina: Un modelo cooperativo y solidario (PDF - Spanish)


18/01/2012: The how to for the GISELA Science Gateway flyers

14/04/2011: The GISELA Master Fact Sheet (doc) can be found in the Document Server (New version!)


3/03/2011 (17/02/2012): Flyer: 10 Good Reasons to Become a GISELA User - in English, Spanish and Portugese.


23/03/2011: Poster: 10 Good Reasons to Become a GISELA User - in English and Spanish .

12/10/2010: The GISELA, EPIKH and CHAIN projects are launching together Grid Schools and Workshops (pdf)


12/10/2010: Visit the e-Science Mexico website

30/09/2010: GISELA Kick-off Meeting Press Release (pdf)

30/09/2010: GISELA (WP1) Kick-off Meeting Presentation (ppt)

01/09/2010: The GISELA Logo (jpg - 540 kb)






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