GISELA uses the European and Latin American research networks to connect the providers of computing,storage, instrumentation and applications resources with users in VRCs. These networking activities are being operated by CLARA and LA NRENs. As in EELA-2, the objective of the GISELA Network Provisioning and Support Work Package is to play a central role in:

  • Network related activities;
  • Network engineering and operations support integrated with the CLARA Operations Centre;
  • Management of the relationships between GISELA, CLARA, GÉANT and NRENs in Latin America and Europe;
  • Strengthening of the link between the VRC needs and their partner in the “Network/NREN” communities
  • Automation (to the extent possible) of the processes for network service provisioning for GISELA VRCs.

The "Network Resource Provision" Work Package (WP5) is split into three (3) tasks:


TWP5.1: Overall Networking Coordination (led by CLARA)

This task will manage the provisioning of reliable Network Resources for the e-Infrastructure, by means of  a coherent collaboration between a large numbers of different parties from the CLARA/LA-NRENs, GEANT2/EU-NRENs and GISELA VRCs.


TWP5.2: Network Engineering and Operation (led by CLARA)

Through the  CLARA’s Networking Support Centre (NSC), this task will be responsible for all the interactions between GISELA, the NRENs and continental backbones for operational issues, acting as an interface between the Grid  and the Network infrastructures.


TWP5.3: Liaison with Network Providers (led by CLARA)

This task is responsible for interacting with the Network Providers composing the project network overlay infrastructure. It cares with the Network Providers of issues concerning the deployment of new Networking Infrastructure and Services and of the adoption of networking operational procedures defined by GISELA.


WP5 Team
Name Role Institution
Gilberto Díaz WP Manager ULA
Leandro Ciuffo WP Deputy RNP
Nelson Vicuña Task Leader UDO








Edited by Gilberto Díaz & Philippe Gavillet  on 26/08/2012