Application-related Services

  • Data Management
  • Digital archives: gLibrary provides an easy-to-use web front-end designed to save and organise multimedia assets on Grid-based storage resources
  • Secure storage: a set of tools to store in a secure way and in an encrypted format confidential data (e.g., medical or financial records) on the Grid storage elements
  • Cooperative annotation of data: support the sharing and search of data in a distributed and autonomous way
  • Job management
  • DIRAC broker: better match making and customised scheduling
  • OurGrid broker: scheduling of bag-of-tasks jobs
  • SHICA: workflow for OurGrid jobs
  • WatchDog: monitoring and control of job execution on the gLite Worker Node
  • BashReduce: efficient execution of data-intensive applications based on the MapReduce paradigm
  • HybridCloud: seamless execution of applications in hybrid e-Infrastructures augmented with the capability of interfacing with cloud computing providers
  • Catalogue and file management
  • lcg-rec toolkit: recursive version of the lgc-* suite of commands
  • DIRAC FC: DIRAC file catalogue

Infrastructure-related Services

  • Support for resource centre deployment
  • OurGrid middleware: support for the deployment of opportunistic P2P grid
  • Interoperation gateways: allow desktop grids to interoperate with service grids
  • gLite over Microsoft Windows platforms: a Windows port of the gLite middleware
  • VO compliant virtual machine environments: use of virtual machine technology to facilitate VO deployment
  • DIRAC middleware: improved scheduling for service grids
  • BeeFS: aggregation of spare disk space in multiple desktops in a single Storage Element
  • Customized virtual clusters
  • Support for grid operation
  • SAGE: Storage Accounting for Grid Environments
  • Dashboard: monitoring of e-infrastructures


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